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Pandora Box Named BLBI (1)

In the mid of last February, Dradjat Wibowo was furious. The parliament member of Partai Amanat Nasional (PAN) Fraction was really disappointed about President SBY. The president decided not to present the legislative meeting whose agenda of hearing and asking reply from him of legislative interpellation right about Kredit Likuiditas Bank Indonesia (KLBI)—now the term is called Bantuan Likiditas Bank Indonesia (BLBI), or Liquidity Aim of Bank Indonesia.

“To me, it indicates that the president is not serious to finish this case. He may be worried about the Pandora box—which will cause a political chaos if it is opened. But, if we keep remaining in that sort of state, when will we be able to send back all the money’s people? Just to remind, the amount is Rp. 702 billion!” said Dradjat to the press in Senayan at that time.

Dradjat used the term ‘Pandora Box’ as BLBI case is full of elite politicians’ criminal deeds, organized with robber businessmen, and protected by the recent regime. It has been ten years of Reformation era, but the case still gives no direction. No president in this country—from Habibie to SBY—has no courage to unlock or even finish the case.

In the book launching ‘Skandal BI: Ramai-Ramai Merampok Uang Negara’ in Jakarta on last January, Master Teacher of Economy Faculty Indonesian University, Sri Edi Swasosno, stated that BLBI case is full of a global conspiracy. “This scandal is a global conspiracy to rob the Indonesian people and overcome this nation territorially, and in the end, all the source in this country will be soaked up!” he said. Sri Edi also determined that this case will keep troubling Indonesian people until the year 2030 for the government still have to pay the obligation tax about Rp. 60 billion per year—which surely taken from the country’s asset.

To many sides, this case was started when a number of banks in this country collapsed caused by monetary crisis in 1997. Ex Minister Economy, Monetary, and Industry Coordinator (Menko Ekuin) Kwik Kian Gie confirmed, “When the banks collapsed, the government is forced by IMF to strengthen the banking capital by giving fund through recap obligation. For instance, Bank BCA got recap obligation about Rp. 60 billion to recover, but after that IMF required BCA to be sold in the price of Rp. 20 billion! How come? This business calculation doesn’t make sense.” That’s why Kwik verified that the BLBI case has to be finished. The question: will any authority accomplish it?

Global Conspiracy

Unlocking the BLBI case will relate to all the current global events. To search the BLBI and its relationship with—using the term of Prof. Edi Sri Swasono—“Global Conspiracy”, we can see an interesting description in Edward Griffin book titled “The Creature from Jekyll Island” (1994).  In one of the book parts, Griffin notified a secret meeting in Jekyll Island, Georgia-US, in 1987. “The summit was held to celebrate the appointment of Allan Greenspan as the leader of US central bank, The Federal Reserve, by US President George Bush Sr. In that occasion, a number Jewish bankers discussed a frightening-conspiracy plan to devastate South East Asia economy. In the last two decades, South East Asia is considered as a treatment to Western economy domination, especially for US.” Said Griffin.

In that summit, they planned a “The Bail-Out Game” concept. Edward Griffin wrote, “This secret submit was held actually to create a banking cartel which functions to protect its members from the business competition, and to change the strategy to make the Congress and public sure that this cartel is US government banking institution. The game called ‘bail-out’ is just like a theatrical stage. This is the strategy how to make (the tax spender) or people restore the money if in one day, the bank is in the monetary crisis state.” The summit was successful and ‘The Bail-Out Game’ was agreed and would soon be realized. South East Asia was the first lab of this restoration concept—except, of course, Singapore. This island country has to be saved from ‘The Bail-Out Game’ trial, and it’s proved in the recent days.

After the summit in the Jekyll Island, conspiracy globalist planned phase by phase to make South East Asia into that strategy. We can see all the phases in the real life indeed.

In 1996, John Naisbitt wrote a book Megatrends Asia: The Eight Asian Megatrends That Are Changing The World which stating The Miracle of Asia as the owner The Third Millennium. The world economy would rapidly grow in Asia, Naisbitt stated. This book was hugely printed and greatly promoted. The worldwide mass media owned by Jews publishing this book. Naisbitt turned to be a new world celebrity and he was often invited to any Asian countries to describe his prediction. Many Asian figures believed that Naisbitt’s book had truth without any reserve. All the Asian leaders were proud and they got a thought, “This is the time we lead the world.”

No one thought that Naisbitt—also Huntington and other scholars in the next day—was a force of global force covered by heavy fog—which systemically planned The Unity of The World under Jews authority (Novus Ordo Seclorum, as written in piece of US 1 $). As the result of that hidden campaign which provoked Asian leaders and businessmen, they turned to be so very expansive; building their country and company more than they needed. So, how to earn the money?

Just like a strange coincidence, in the beginning of 1990, the world monetary institution offered a loan in very huge amount with a supple condition. The felt-bigger Asian leaders and businessmen surely took this fascinating chance. They fearlessly took the rent in a fantastic number, without realizing that the loan had a short period and took a vast interest. They had lost their rationality, and interred by Naisbitt’s analysis convincingly stating that the 21st Century is the Asia’s resurrection century.

Right in the beginning of 1997, when the anniversary of Jewish First Congress in a decade held in Swiss and formed Protocol of Zions (1897), George Soros—a Jewish conglomerate—bought all the entire stock of US dollars from all the Asian stock exchange markets—especially in East Asia and Southeast Asia. This made all the Asian districts lacked of US dollar liquidity, and dollar exchanges to the highest value that never happened in the world monetary history. Whereas 1997 was the year of debt payment deadline. The Asian businessmen that had took the loan to the world monetary institution should pay the debt and also its high interest at that very time.

The result was very horrible. A hundred percent of Asian taking-debt company—except Singapore, and the worst was Indonesia—turned to death without dying. Million workers were fired, and million innocent people turned to unbearable poverty. The daily needs price turned high, million babies were no longer drank milk, and this caused the lost generation of Southeast Asia.

Now, it was IMF and World Bank’s turn to go stage. Just like a savior, International Monetary Fund offered a debt saving scheme. Indonesia was the loyal and conquered patient. This time was the phase of offering “The Bail-Out Game” planned in the Jekyll Island in 1987. Indonesia was the trail of a Jewish-made formula. Since 1997, then, the Indonesian government gave a full guarantee to all the private bank customers to save their money in all private banks. If the banks go bankrupt—through corruption—the government would take care to overcome it and pay all the customers’ money. The Indonesian government had really helped rich people and bank owner conglomerates using people’s asset. (continued)

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