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Who Was Suharto? (1)

In Switzerland, as seen in a documentary film directed by John Pilger titled “The New Ruler of The Word”—available for download in youtube—General Suharto’s economic team retailed the entire Indonesian’s prosperities to Rockfeller cs. They unreservedly divided Indonesia into pieces and gave to those Jewish businessmen. Golden mount in Papua was granted to Freeport, oil source in Aceh offered to Exxon, etc. Undang-Undang Penanaman Modal Asing (Foreign Capital Regulation) 1997 was set in Switzerland, due to the will of the Jewish firms.

Until now Suharto passed away and buried in family cemetery complex nearly Imogiri, East Java, the robbery of the whole Indonesian riches keeps going on and done by worldwide Jewish corporations without any restraint. The results can be seen in every subject of this nation: the poverty numbers is increase, dropped-out-school children are as greater as street-living kids, desperate parents and condemn suicide people are raise, mad people are lingering in villages in great amount, criminal action is huge, corruption race are greater than before, and other various undeniable facts of this nation destruction.

Yet, unpredictably, even there are various numbers of precise books written by local and international experts about how decayed government’s works in 32 years General Suharto’s era, and propped up by millions irrefutable facts and documents, Suharto’s name is still greatly considered by some certain segment. Some even ridiculously suggest that Suharto is worth to have a title of Indonesian national hero and called “Nation Guru”. Though this is silly—it is the fact indeed.

Therefore, this article is about to write the actual General Suharto, in order that whoever considers Suharto as Indonesia national hero and nation guru can do a deeper self-retrospection. The fact of history has to be clear, whether Suharto is guilty or not should be decided by law trial. It is imprudent to ask Indonesian people to forgive Suharto’s faults before we discern all his sins he ever made.

This article tries to picture the journey of Suharto, before and after being a president, in turn of no one will have a thought of “Suharto may have faults, but still he has huge contribution in building this nation. His work result and his development can be sensed recent days. There are various huge buildings in Jakarta, a lot of decent protocol roads, firmed freeway, the beautiful Mini Indonesian Park (Taman Mini Indonesia Indah), etc. That’s obvious, Suharto has very big impact and contribution to this nation!”

Suharto was born in Kemusuk, Argomulyo, Yogyakarta 8 June 1921. His parents were farmers and old Javanese. They had faith in Javanese occultism and remained in this condition until they became old. Suharto’s carrier was started as staff of village bank. Suharto also became a labor then moved to military carrier for the first time as KNIL soldier—led under Dutch colonial domination. When Japan arrived in 1942, Suharto joined PETA, and when Sukarno declared the Indonesian independence, he joined TKR as well.

One of the Suharto’s military prestigious achievements and often greatly issued in his era was Serangan Umum 1 Maret 1949 above Yogyakarta (General Offensive). This milestone was even made the movie titled ‘Janur Kuning’ (1979), showing that this offensive was invented and straightly led by Colonel Lieutenant Suharto. In fact, the general offensive was originally formulated by Sultan Hamengkubuwono IX. Hamengkubuwono IX was the man who led the general offensive to the Dutch, and he was a nationalist whose concerns to the people condition, as he refused any colonization.

In 1959, Suharto—officiated as Pangdam Diponegoro (alike commander in military)—disrespectfully fired by Nasution for Suharto had used his military institution to gather money from some companies in Middle Java. He was also caught in an illegal sugar smuggling with Bob Hasan and Liem Sioe Liong.

To make this smuggling assured, Bob Hasan founded a shipping company, and by using ‘Indonesian Overseas’ owned by C.M. Chow, Bob ran this unlawful business. Who was C.M. Chow? He was a double agent. In 1950, he became military secret agent of Japan. Yet, he was also a hand of Mao Tse Tung in recruiting immigrant Chinese from Japan into Asian communist network.

In 1943, Chow was asked on duty by Japan to Jakarta. When Japan left Indonesia, Chow stayed in Jakarta and ran the first shipping business in Indonesia. Chow was not only coached Chinese Indonesian citizens in Middle and East Java, but also in Sumatra and Sulawesi. One of his students was Eddy Tansil’s father and Hendra Rahardja whose family name Tan. Tan was a sleeping agent of Mao in East Indonesia. In the middle of 1980’s, Hendra Rahardja and Liem Sioe Liong founded several company in Fujian, China Cina (Siapa Sebenarnya Suharto; Eros Djarot; 2006). (continued)

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