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My Daily notes on Going to Turkey

Name: Hariz Bayu W

We arrived on Ataturk Int’l airport from Sukarno Hatta Int’l airport on Sunday, 9 august 09. The distance from the airport to the hotel is approximately 10 km or 20 minutes by bus

Here are my daily notes during this trip:

Monday, 10 August 09: We went to Abu Ayub mosque, the mosque that was build to commemorate Prophet’s shahabat named Abu Ayub al Anshari. We went there with brother Ace asour tour guide. After having lunch we prayed dzuhur, and than we went to Istanbul Technical University., after that we went to Islamic organization in Istanbul.

Tuesday, 11 August 09: We went to Topkapi museum starting from hotel at 9 o’clock, than we had lunch in camlica hill it’s a restaurant on the top of a hill. After that we went to Panorama museum, it was a museum about the conquest of Constantinople by Sultan Muhammad al Fatih.

Wednesday, 12 August 09: We went to Dolmabahce palace. It was the last palace of Ottoman Empire. The palace was very glorious. From dolmabahce palace, then we went to eminonu district for having lunch. After having lunch, we went to askeri museum; this museum was about military history in turkey. We watched the concert of Turkish traditional music. After that we visited IHH office.

Then we went to a traditional market in fatih district buying some souvenirs.

Thursday, 13 August 09 : We Prayed dzuhur in Sultanahmet Mosque, after praying we had lunch beside the mosque. We bought souvenirs near the mosque. After that we went to Eminonu because Ust Hero and ma’am Fifi invited us to sail around the Bosporus strait. It spent two hours.

Friday, 14 August 09 : After praying Jum’at in sultanahmet mosque, we visited Topkapi Palace, it was the old palace of Ottoman, near topkapi palace, there was a museum named ayasofia museum, we visited it with brother Rendi

Saturday, 15August 09: In the morning, Ust. Hero gave us some Islamic lessons .He told us the true meaning of syahadat.

In the afternoon we went to Buyukada Island by a ship. After two hours we arrived there. We prayed dzuhur then we had lunch, after that we ride carriage. We went back to Istanbul by ship too.

Sunday, 16 August 09 : we were invited by bu fifi (our guide….) to had lunch in a restaurant. The menu is chicken grilled and the taste is very delicious.

After that we went to fatih mosque and we visited the grave of sultan Muhammad al fatih.

Monday, 17August 09: this is the last day of our visit in turkey because at Tuesday we would go back to Indonesia. So, we might buy souvenirs along this day.

First, we went to grand bazaar in beyazit district. I bought a shirt. Then we went to eminonu because there was spice bazaar there. After that we went to aruna café because ma’am fifi had waited us. This program were closing immersion and celebrating ma’am fifi’s birthday. After that we went back to the hotel. In the hotel, we pack our things and prepared all for tomorrow.

Tuesday, 18 August 09:After preparing all belonging, we went to the airport by bus, we went to the boarding, and we enter the plane. We transited two times at Dubai and Singapore airport.

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